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SPARK school of enterprise development

                                                                       Overview of Spark Course Modules and Topics

                                                                                                     The course is for a duration of ten (10) weeks

Week 0
Program Induction

This is designed as an induction for the Cohort and also an avenue for the Founder to communicate the essence & value of PLLI to all students

Week 1
Identifying Business Opportunities

Understanding Globalization and the Global Economy

Decoding the Business Environment

Leveraging the Opportunities in the Business Environment

Analysing Business Problems

Developing innovative Strategies for Business

Week 2
Starting a Business

Defining Your Value Proposition

Leveraging Your Innate Talent for Business Success

Creating a Vision for your business

Refining Your Products and Services

Raising Capital to Fund your Business Ideas

Identifying and Working with Partners

Week 3
The Legal Framework of Business in Nigeria

Types of Business Entities in Nigeria and Around the World

Overview of Taxation

Governance & Ethics

Effective Board Composition

Risk Management


Week 4
Strategy & Planning for a New Business

Strategy and Planning

Writing a Business Plan

Analysing Markets and Industries

Understanding Business Modelling

The Role of Financial Models


Week 5
Stabilizing Your Business

Systems Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Architecture and Organizational Design

Building Structures Around Your Business

Business Policies and Processes


Week 6
Finding & Retaining the Right People

Leading a Business into Profit and Prosperity (Leadership for Entrepreneurs)

Organizational Culture and Performance

Building a Human Resources Systems

Building a World Class Performance Management System

Succession Planning


Week 7
Customer Identification & Management

Identifying Customers and Consumers

Selling to your Preferred Customers

Digital Marketing

Customer Service

Branding, PR & reputation Management


Week 8
Overview of Costing

Understanding Fixed Costs

Understanding Variable Costs

Overview of the other Types of Costs

Cost management Strategies for Businesses


Week 9
Understanding Money & Its Role in Your Business

Understanding the Types of Money in Your Business

Basic Financial Interpretation

Understanding Liquidity and Profitability

Managing Your Cashflow



Week 10
Product/ Business Development

Product design workshop

Business Development and Bid Preparation



The Pistis Life and Leadership Institute (PLLI) is pleased to welcome you to the 10-week immersive SPARK School of Enterprise Development (Cohort-1). We will offer registered students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the well-designed curriculum and course contents covering key business-related challenges of aspiring entrepreneurs, Start-Ups & Fledging business owners in their first 7-years of operations. This course has been designed for greenhorns in tech, textile, trading, manufacturing, content creation, and production to gain first-hand experience of properly starting or running a well-structured business in our environment.  


Through its school of enterprise development, PLLI provides world-class education in entrepreneurial development and management through its world-class faculty consisting of founders and business practitioners operating in various industries.


PLLI’s school of enterprise development seeks to pioneer an innovative community-based approach to learning that is guaranteed to provide its learners with a well-rounded and firm grasp of issues that affect start-ups and established businesses alike. PLLI will also build an ecosystem that will Provide a platform for participants to network and achieve their dreams


The SPARK Cohort-1 is a blended program and PLLI will be hosting most of the in-class lectures at the PISTIS Heights on 1, Resurrection Drive, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our instructional strategies involve a blend of the following elements:


The SPARK course structure is designed along the following:


Our value proposition is represented below:


We are offering an innovative approach to teaching and coaching, mentoring a new generation of Business Leaders.


Our purpose is to raise business leaders who would create jobs and build transgenerational corporations.

PLLI further aspires to cultivate a robust and active alumnus that will create opportunities for each other to penetrate entrepreneurship and policy circles. We will teach and encourage participants to leverage, nurture networks and connections for growth and development”.


At the School of Enterprise Development (SOED) Under which the SPARK course runs, our enterprise development objective is captured below:


The purpose is to equip participants with knowledge and skills in diplomacy, empowering them to work more effectively and efficiently in any international environment. It further aspires to offer access to the UN’s institutions and staff to build up networks and gain insights into future career steps.

The SPARK course serves to provide a deep-dive overview of the enterprise development ecosystem.

It will help students build solid ground knowledge of subject matter topics in sub-Saharan business practices, key economic affairs, deliver training in core entrepreneurial skills and offer internship activities for interested students with PLLI partner institutions and government-based agencies: 



The SPARK Immersion Program will provide an in-depth focus on developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset, professional career development for senior executives, an Innovative Approach to lean start-up success, Ethical Business practices and Practical Business Application of principles taught during the study as well as the building of situational leadership skills needed in our dynamic business environment.

The SPARK Immersion Course/ Programme has specifically been designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, Start-Ups & Fledging business owners in their first 7-years of operations. This course is primarily for greenhorns in tech, textile, trading, manufacturing, content creation and production to gain first-hand experience of Successfully starting or running a well-structured business in our environment.  


Registration is open to the public and private sector, NGOs, and academia. University students who desire to gain practical knowledge of setting up and running a business.


To ensure proper engagement, interactive learning and the highest quality standards, a maximum of 20 participants will be allowed per batch for the internship field visits, 50 students per in-person class and 120 students virtually (managed in groups of 20 each) will be allowed. Slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. At the end of the course, each student receives a PLLI SPARK certificate of completion.


PLLI SPARK School of Enterprise Development Immersion Programme – Cohort-1 in the September Edition (03 Sep – 05 Nov 2022 + Week-0 by 27 Aug.):


  • Register for the Virtual/ E-learning course only
  • Register for the Blended course (in-class & online) only
  • Register for the Virtual/ E-learning course + Practicum program/ Industry Internship + Field Visit
  • Register for the Blended course + Practicum Program/ Industry Internship + Field Visit
  • Register for the Practicum program/ Industry Internship/ Field Visit only



  1. the SPARK 3 – 6 months practicum program is designed to run concurrently with the curriculum being delivered at PLLI School of Enterprise Development (SOED)
  2. our virtual/ e-learning course model comprises 8 different modules, which can be studied in a self-paced manner and require 6-8 hours of studying per week. It includes 5 hours of live components per week with PLLI School of Enterprise Development (SOED) consultants/ experts, weekly reading material and assignments, multimedia files as well as moderated group discussion boards


For non-Lagos resident students who are interested, the Internship premium packages, as well as accommodation in Lagos State during the 10-week course and industrial field visit would be included in the fees. PLLI will provide 10 nights in a hotel near PISTIS Heights (lodging information to be communicated in due course). More details will becommunicated to interested students.




There would be a tab on the SPARK page saying ACCESS YOUR COURSES which once clicked, opens a dialog box allowing a registered input their login details …. Admission number & password which allows the student access to their unique Account.

We work with a passion of taking challenges and creating new ones in advertising sector.


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