Job Role

General Manager


Job Title:

General Manager

Unit/ Department:


Job Class:


Minimum qualification:

BA/ BSc./ MSc/ MBA

Job Level:

Top Management

Required Experience:

10 Years Minimum


School Operations & Programs

Reports To:

Chairman / BOT

Overview of the Role

The General Manager (GM) shall work with the Heads of Schools to achieve the overall objective and set goals of PISTIS Life and Leadership Institute (PLLI) in line with its Strategy in the areas of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Ministry and Governance.

Job Objective                                                                                                                          

To provide strategic leadership for PLLI, ensuring smooth set up and achievement of strategic objectives of each school, as well as oversee day-to-day operational activities of PLLI. Direct/ Indirect responsibility for overall strategic planning, revenue generation, brand positioning, organizational development, staff management, and program operations.

Key deliverables                                                                                                                     

Stakeholder Mgt. & Community Engagement

·        Promote PLLI visibility and programmes through participation and membership in local as well as global community forums, civic organizations and social intervention spaces that align with key objectives

·        Build and nurture quality relationships with key stakeholders in the education, business, government and ministry space in Nigeria for the purpose of promoting the mission and vision of PLLI.

·        Identify and manage donors, partners and other relevant organizations and affiliates to drive the achievement of PLLI’s objectives

·        Ensure PLLI is duly accredited and licensed by all relevant government agencies locally and internationally to drive operations and brand recognition globally.

Programme Development & Implementation

·        Oversee and support the successful design, development and deployment of all PLLI programmes, courses, research and educational interventions, ensuring that goals and objectives align with PLLI Strategy.

·        Strategically support administrative components of all programs, including contract negotiations/ procurements, disbursement and reporting etc.

·        Provide quality assurance monitoring and objective impact assessment of all PLLI programs.

Strategic Leadership & Organisational Development


·        Consistently develop and nurture teams as well as integrate staffing programs designed to attract the highest caliber of talent/ volunteers

Planning & Strategy

·        Develop and lead the strategy of PLLI within the broad context of the local and national landscape by using performance measurements to guide strategic and operational decision-making.

·        Oversee the development and roll out of courses for PLLI across the different schools.

·        Create and drive student recruitment strategies to ensure optimum participation in PLLI courses and initiatives

·        Ensure the delivery of annual budgets and plans to ensure PLLI is financially profitable and sustainable.

·        Take a leadership role in driving a collaborative process with the BOT, staff and other key stakeholders that would result in the development of Operational goals and annual plans for PLLI.

·        Oversee preparation of the annual budget and other necessary financial documents, whilst providing information and justifications for BOT in its annual budgetary review and approval process

·        Cultivate strong partnership with the BOT in setting policies consistent with the mission of PLLI and work together with all standing and volunteer coordinators.

Partnerships Eng. & Collaboration

·        Lead and develop relevant capabilities and agreements for PLLI in the areas of strategic partnerships and collaboration with reputable organizations, government agencies,  high net-worth/ philanthropic individuals and other educational institutions globally.

General Operations &


·     Provide operational oversight over Programme Mgrs/ Coordinators, team leads development and execution of programs.

·     Lead PLLI’s financial sustainability by promoting a culture of sound credibility, fiscal prudence and timely reporting.

Policy, Procedure and Practice Implementation

·     Facilitate the effective implementation of programs according to established Corporate Governance codes as well as global best standards.

·     Promote a culture of sustainable development across all PLLI Programmes, and align them to PLLI mission, vision and objectives.

Qualification and Skills

  • Trained educator, training and development specialist with relevant degree(s) in the Arts, Science or social development/ intervention space with minimum of 10 years of experience.
  • Strong leadership and management experience and proven success in leading/contributing to program development & implementation, report writing skills with proven organizational and multitasking skills, et al.
  • Strong coordination and leadership skills with proven ability to work across multiple technical areas simultaneously, supporting and mentoring multiple volunteer/ staff members