Webinar Series 4

Making Profit in Uncertainty (Unlocking innovation for business growth.)

Objectives & Talking Points:

  • Identifying and harness business opportunities in times such as this.
  • Exploiting chaos to start or grow a business including the hacks of doing business in a VUCA environment
  • Leveraging uncertainty to spark innovation in your team
  • Arousing risky thinking that is most needed in times of change and disorder
  • How chaos switches who is in the lead and changes the rules
Webinar Series 3

Optimizing debt for new businesses(Leveraging debt for exponential growth)

Objectives & Talking Points:

  • Resolving the wrong debt as a business owner and steering off further debt trap.
  • Understanding the role that debt should rather play in building a business in our environment.
  • Knowing the right thing to do with a bank debt as a business owner.
  • Discovering how the cost of equity is higher than the cost of debt in certain ventures and knowing when to go for debt over equity
Webinar Series 2

From Employee to Partner (Nurturing and retaining great employees)​

Objectives & Talking Points:

  • At the heart of business success is people -from how well they know your product, market it, manage your business. But many times, the investment in people seem to be the first to be thrown out of the window by most organizations.
  • The objective is to assist business owners to dimension and embrace other forms of investment in human capital beyond money or formal education for galvanizing employee engagement. E.g., emotional connections and demonstrated humanity in people.
Webinar Series 1

Re-booting Your Start-Up (Bouncing back from Start-up business failure)

Objectives & Talking Points:

  • The objective is to help entrepreneurs navigate business failure and bounce back with a hit.
  • Experiencing a new beginning in business with lessons in resilience and sustainability
  • Fireside dimensioning of causes of business failure, what positives to draw from it, how to avoid a repeat of such, how to rise from the rubbles, how to predict success, and how to rise with a bang.
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