your skill as a

Freelancer or Business Owner

Volunteer your skills as a freelancer or business owner who has time to commit during the week towards supporting PLLI in actualizing her institute’s objectives. You can volunteer in-person or virtually.

Volunteer as

consultant or business support provider (BSP)

with PLLI

PLLI hereby invites all those interested in volunteering for this and who fit the profile and have the available time to kindly complete the link here

We are looking for volunteer Start-up/ SME consultants and business support professionals to assist our students manoeuvre the technical ends of developing a functional system in their own SMEs. As a Business Support Professional (BSP) with PLLI, you will participate in conducting reviews of submissions and assignments given to our students in areas like Business Model Canvas (BMC), business plan submissions, process manual/ SOP documentation, book reviews, case study assessment reviews, and other class assignments as taught in class, and which our students are expected to develop for their own business use.

Volunteer as a Business Mentor with PLLI

We hereby invite Business Owners, Chief Executives and Senior Corporate Executives who have the time [and what it takes] to mentor upcoming start-ups, to join the PLLI Business Mentorship program (BMP).

Criteria for Business Mentors on our program


Mentors on the PLLI Business Mentorship Program should meet the following criteria


  • produce evidence of having mentored business owners and for how long with evidence of results achieved do far by those they mentored.
  • be willing to make available the time required to build a professional relationship with the student learners.
  • commit to believing in the potential of the students, to telling them the future I see ahead of them; and to visualizing, verbalizing, and describing to them the possibilities for their business/ ideas.
  • committed to helping the student learners in setting financial and related business goals, and to help them activate their dream businesses.
  • committed to continuous efforts towards living out what I teach my students.


  • willing to be vulnerable and transparent before the students, I’m willing to share not only my strengths and successes, but also my weaknesses and failures.
  • willing to be honest yet affirming in confronting the student learner to re-examine their unproductive business/ work habits, the learner’s errors, faults, and areas of immaturity and specific growth gaps
  • committed to standing by the student learners through struggles associated with building their businesses through the course of my mentoring them by providing needed guides.
  • willing to objectively evaluate progress toward goals for the students under my mentorship.

Enlist your organization

as a centre for our Business Internship Program

We seek an organization where students who indicate interest can go for Internship over an agreed period. Our students would simply be exposed to how the principles they are taught in class are being applied in your own organization.

Under our internship scheme, the organizations registering as centres for our business internship programs will provide the students with hands on experience in the various areas of business that have been taught in the SPARK academy.

Criteria for Business Mentors on our program

Mentor organizations should meet the following criteria:

  • Duly registered in Nigeria
  • Actively operational for at least 5 years
  • Signify interest in exposing our students to the systems in their business for learning, shadowing, and modeling purposes (visiting students are however, charged with complying with necessary company rules and no PLLI student on a company/ industry internship visit is permitted to poach the staff of the organization. Where such is found out and duly investigated to be true, such a student is blacklisted and thrown out of the course)
  • Make out time to teach and mentor entrepreneurs from PLLI